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Say Goodbye to Prospecting Fear Forever!




Tired of the Uncertainty that Comes with each Prospect Conversation?

Imagine having the exact words that could turn skeptics into partners and nos into yesses. With the 'Little Black Book of Scripts 2.0,'  that power is at your fingertips.
Network marketing is no easy feat. You know the struggle — the awkward pauses, the rebuttals, the sting of rejection. The right words often seem just out of reach, and the wrong ones can end a potential partnership before it even begins.

Do these situations sound familiar to you?

The Freeze: You've approached a potential prospect, and as they look expectantly at you, your mind goes blank. The pitch you practiced vanishes, and you're left fumbling for words.

The Misstep: In an effort to sound knowledgeable and convincing, you find yourself throwing around buzzwords and jargon. Instead of engaging your prospect, their eyes glaze over — another conversation lost to confusion.

The Doubt: You know your product can change lives, but when it's time to express that, self-doubt creeps in. 'Why would they listen to me?' becomes the nagging thought that turns your persuasive speech into a whisper.

The Rejection Loop: After a few too many rejections, a voice in your head starts to ask, 'Is it even worth it?'  With each new prospect, your enthusiasm dims, and the cycle of negativity impacts your performance.

These are the specters that haunt the path of network marketing — fear, uncertainty, and the feeling of being utterly alone in the struggle to communicate effectively. When words fail, opportunities slip away, and with them, the dream of financial freedom and success.

But what if you could flip the script on it's head and OWN every conversation?

Imagine having a secret weapon that banishes those fears, empowering you with the perfect words for every encounter. 

The Little Black Book of Scripts 2.0 is literally your DEFINITIVE GUIDE to communicating with your prospects...whether you're doing it on Social Media, on the phone or in person. 

     Imagine recruiting over 200 people in your network marketing business using one of these scripts... that's exactly what Andrew did.  Here's what he had to say...  
"I’ve been able to recruit over 200 people..."
     “Using just one nugget from Todd… literally ONE very simple script he taught me. I’ve been able to recruit over 200 people into my network marketing business on LinkedIn.”  

- Andrew Eaton
Isn't that crazy?  I watched Andrew take that one simple script from this book and put it to work right in front of my very eyes while sitting in an airport together in South Africa.  

This is exactly what can happen when following a proven system from someone who's been there and done that.

But before we get too deep, let me assure you this kind of success doesn't simply happen... it takes work.

Lucky for you, I've already paved the road ahead and made it super simple for you to start getting amazing results yourself.

     Allow me to introduce myself...  
Todd Falcone
Todd Falcone
Network Marketing Trainer
Date: {{long-date}}

Dear Network Marketing Professional, 
My name is Todd Falcone and I've been in this network marketing profession for 35 years now. 

I'd call that 'forever and a day', wouldn't you?  My entire career has been in this profession.  This is all I've ever done for over three decades.  

And...that's good news for you.   
Before we dive deep, know this...

The ability for you to start signing up new customers and reps using these secrets is very simple. 

It enables the new person in network marketing, to start having success... right out of the gate.  If you're a top leader in your company, this also helps you to get that next rank no time flat. 

These strategies and approaches have been field-tested and put through the paces for the last three decades. 

  • Having confidence prospecting with everyone you meet, and having fun doing it - even if you're shy or introverted.
  • Knowing the exact words to say to people in any situation so that you're always viewed as a professional and never at a loss for words. 
  • Rank advancing fast in your company and becoming the next top leader, rather than being stuck in the same place and not moving forward.  
  • Signing up new customers on a consistent basis... like clockwork.
  • Watching as your checks grow larger and larger each month.
     This is what happens when you start applying these secrets into your network marketing business on a daily basis.   

     This training has been in development for my entire network marketing career. Now you can finally use all these field-tested trade secrets and apply them into your business.

      You'll discover a whole new gear for your business when you apply these prospecting methods. It gives you a simple path to run on.

     It's all laid out for you, step-by-step and ready to go. You'll soon discover the real key to creating consistent success. 

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I told myself before I began writing all of this to you that I wasn't going to do what I'm about to do, but you need to know.  

And YES, I wrote every single word in this letter so that you would know exactly what's in here and what it will do for you.   I want you to feel compelled to grab a copy of the 'Little Black Book of Scripts 2.0' and start using it immediately in your business.  

There isn't a copywriter on the planet that knows this product as well as I do, and could write this in a way where you'd have no other choice but to make this part of your daily-use arsenal.  

Let's go back a bit for a second...

About 20 years ago I created a product called the Little Black Book of Scripts.  If you follow me, you're no doubt familiar with it and probably own it.  And, I can confidently say that I've sold more 'Script Books' than any other trainer in the network marketing arena.  

The original Little Black Book of Scripts became the daily 'go to guide' for tens of thousands of network marketers all over the world...and honestly, they're STILL using it.   I just autographed one at the last event I spoke at a few weeks ago.  

I wrote this ALL NEW VERSION, the 'Little Black Book of Scripts 2.0: The Definitive Guide to Conversations and Scripts'  because a lot of things have changed in 20 years!  

This ALL-NEW and incredibly comprehensive conversation guide quite literally puts the right words in your mouth for every conceivable situation you will ever find yourself in as a network marketer.  

Here's where I do what told myself I wasn't going to do.  This 113-page Insantly Downloadable Training is incredibly in depth.   When I say that I 'put the words in your mouth' for every situation or scenario you could possibly dream up...I mean that literally.   No joke.  

Here's the LONG LIST of stuff that's in it so you have a crystal clear idea of what you're getting the moment you purchase this amazing training:  

  • I point out exactly what STILL works today and will always work versus things that are a complete waste of your time when it comes to prospecting.  
  • For Social Media, I share exactly what 'flashy fads to avoid' as well as point you to digital tools that are 100% worth your time that you should be using now.  
  • I teach you exactly how to listen.  Most people don't have a clue how to listen to their prospect.  It's one thing to simply tell you that you should listen, but you need to know exactly what to listen FOR when communcating with someone.
  • You'll learn precisely how to craft your personal story so that people stand to attention and want to know more about what you do. 
  • I lay out exactly how to do a 'Call to Action', so people buy from you versus tune out or run the other way and ghost you for good.   
  • You'll learn how to make an 'initial contact' that's remembered and causes your prospect to want to continue interacting with you.  
  • I lay the entire foundation of what to do when it comes to follow up, whether you reach your person or not.  No more guesswork with your follow up routine.
  • You'll get an exact framework for addressing and overcoming objections rather than fly 'by the seat of your pants' like most people do.  
  • You get access to my most powerful and effective closing scripts that I use every day in my business.  I use them because they work like a charm!
  • You're going to learn how to turn nos into future yesses.  
  • I'm going to teach you how to keep the conversation going, so you don't have those dreadful and uncomfortable moments that make you want to flee the premises.  
  • You get scripts for nurturing long term relationships without sounding cheesy or salesly.  Your prospect will want to hear from you when you do this.  
  • You're finally going to know how to craft that perfect elevator pitch that you will 100% NEVER use in an elevator.  It's your 30-second or less pitch that has people wanting more.  
  • I'm going to show you how to behave in a professional networking setting  (in-person or online) so that you get leads and don't come across as the begging business person who fans out their business cards for all to grab.  No one like that person.  
  • We're going to take your Social Media game from boring to stardom.  People will clamor to your pages when you act this way!  
  • The RIGHT way to build rapport and trust with a new prospect by empowering the simple art of authenticity.  
  • When you have a team going, you're now going to have scripts for leading, inspiring or even challenging your team members to produce more. 
  • I'm going to let you in on some extremely powerful persuasion techniques that are so subtle, no one will ever know you're using them. 
  • Network Marketing is a GLOBAL business.  I show you how to adjust your script for different countries, cultures and languages so you don't offend people.  Trust can happen.  I've done it!
  • Learn how to tailor your message for different audiences so you say the right things to the right people rather than the wrong things to the right people.  
  • Skills take time to accumulate and require practice.  You're going to know exactly how to practice in a way that acutally helps you get better!
  • Even though marketers love to make fun of 'talking to your friends and family', and scare you from doing it, your warm market is GOLD...especially when you use these specific and incredibly effective warm market approaches that will never alienate a soul.  
  • We take the guesswork out of Social Media conversations.  Now you're going to know exactly what to say to people who give you a 'thumbs up', a comment or have never engaged in anything you've ever done.  No more "Hey girl!" or "you strike me a someone who'd do really well in my business."  
  • You need to know how to have conversations with people you don't know and not pee your pants!  These cold market conversation starters I give you make you look like a pro every single time.  
  • How to recruit like crazy with texting.  People respond far faster to text messages than anything else, if you approach them in this very specific way that gets them to react immediately.  
  • Third party validation still dominates and will never disappear.  I teach you the perfect way to do a 3-way call, chat or online meeting so you close a ton of business.   
  • Sick of leaving messages that don't get call backs?  The ones I give you will have people calling you back ASAP.  
  • I even give you a very specific template for cold market email conversations and introductions, so you'll never have any excuse not to reach out.   
  • Of course, this training wouldn't be complete without me including teaching you exactly how to get your warm market market to respond to you when you send them an email about your business.  
  • You know I love recruiting pros!  It's my favorite...and with these pre-written emails to professionals, you can do it just like I do!  
  • You know you need to get back to people, right?  Well...this pre-written completely done-for-you email follow up campaign should make it easier than laying on the couch.  
  • For those of you smart enought to use an Autoresponder to 'automate' your  email follow up, I give you a complete auto-responder email campaign for following up with your prospects, so as to leave no stone unturned.  
  • Lastly...instead of just getting this book in your hands and leaving it it up to chance, I go through the entire book with you on audio, so you know exactly how to use all of them!  It's one thing to hand someone a script and say 'go for it''s a totally different game when a pro walks you through it and shows you how they'd use it.   
Like I said...I wasn't gonna lay all that out like that, but I couldn't help myself.  You need to know EXACTLY what's in this amazing and ALL NEW TRAINING that you're going to LOVE...because it puts you in the POWER position like never before. 

I'm connected to some of the biggest influencers and leaders in network marketing who hire me to speak for their groups because they know this stuff works.

Susan Sly is an incredible entrepreneur both in and out of network marketing.  And...she's been making some major moves in the AI space recently.  

Listen to what my dear friend Susan has to say...

Best Selling Author and 7-Figure Earner

"Todd is able to break down the essentials of business building into a form that allows people of all levels to become masterful producers." 

- Susan Sly
Susan Sly
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"My Evolution of Network Marketing Success..."
(NOTE: This is Where All of These Prospecting SECRETS Came From...  Real World RESULTS!)
I'm known in the profession as the guy who simply tells-it-like-it is. I'm hired by my clients because of my blunt, in your face directness.  

Yea...I like to make people laugh and I've been told that I should become a Stand-Up Comedian, but I am DEAD SERIOUS about teaching people how to thrive and survive in this business.   

I got my start in Network Marketing at the age of 22, as I was graduating from college...and I just didn't want someone to B.S. me about it.  

I was like, "Dude...just tell me what I need to do and how I need to do it." 

While I struggled during those first couple of years... I went on to build several successful businesses as well as have an incredibly fruitful career as a speaker and trainer.  

My entire business career has been involved in network marketing. With over 35 years in the profession now, I have a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in it.

Here's what a few other people who you may know have to say about my training...

Everyone in network marketing knows this guy.  He built the single biggest following and put on the largest open training events the profession has ever seen.  
Eric and I go way back.  Check this out...

Best Selling Author, Speaker and Trainer

"Todd Falcone is without question, one of the most dynamic speakers and trainers in the entire network marketing profession. 

His unique combination of straight talk and humor will have your audience laughing and learning at the same time.”

- Eric Worre
Eric Worre
The guy below is is one of my favorite people in the business.  He puts on the COOLEST Mastermind Retreats you've ever seen.  When he busted on to the scene several years ago, he made BIG THINGS happen, and continues to do so today.  Rob Sperry is one of those guys that balances his family and fun times with business like few people do!

Author, Trainer and Speaker

"Todd Falcone is one of the most dynamic speakers and coaches in all of Network Marketing. 

Todd has built large Network Marketing teams giving him unique insights on proven techniques. Through his high level relationships, experiences and insights he is as in tune as anyone on the latest strategies. 

Todd knows how to get your company and teams results. There is a reason why he is one of the most sought out coaches and speakers in the entire industry. 

I love learning from Todd and always have him as a top recommendation for anyone looking to take their business to the next level"

- Rob Sperry
Rob Sperry
I've known Ray Higdon way before he was every a speaker in this profession.  I've got mad respect for this man that built a massive following and business, and then shifted his entire brand when he came out as a Christian and started running his Faith Over Fear events.  He'll always be someone I admire.  

Author, Trainer and Speaker

"Todd Falcone is a great trainer and ambassador for the Network Marketing profession. 

His training is ALWAYS helpful to reps at any level AND is never confusing or over the heads of anyone. 

The HUGE additional cool factor of Todd is he practices what he preaches as I have witnessed him many times actually use what he teaches to prospect people in all kinds of places. 

We love Todd!"

- Ray Higdon
Ray Higdon
To hit your business goals faster, you want to follow someone who's been there, done that... over and over again. 

This is why I've developed these proven and time-tested resources to help you in your prospecting. It's called...
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Little Black Book of Scripts
Little Black Book of Scripts 2.0
The Definitive Guide to Conversations and Scripts
During the last few decades I've tested, proven and assembled a unique system, a PROCESS for talking to people...the RIGHT way.  

This system allows ordinary people in Network Marketing... to become top leaders in their companies.

The KEY part of becoming a network marketing superstar... is to be able to talk with anyone at any time about your products or business.
This is step one... 

Becoming a fearless prospector and having the confidence to be your best self... in any situation.

It all starts with knowing what to say. This begins with having a framework of a conversation so that you're never stuck.
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"Real People - Real Results..."
Case-Studies from our OG Little Black Book Customers...

...Version 2.0, Definitive Guide is INFINITELY more powerful and in depth than its predecessor. 
"LBB has helped build confidence in my MLM business..."
     "LBB has helped overall by giving scripts that easy and natural to use when prospecting and approaching to aid in getting more like-minded individuals as business partners.

And by having more business partners gives you across the board more time freedom to enjoy yourself, family, friends, and life like it was meant to be.

LBB has helped build confidence in my MLM business by showing me that this is a simple relationship business of sharing an opportunity or product to help a person to have a better quality of life.

I don't have one favorite script... all are my favorite because they are used in different circumstances which helps you to be specific to a certain situation.

Todd's training has impacted me by showing me that using simple scripts or approaches is all that's needed to share a business idea with someone whether it's for them or not."

- Times Bgood
"I'm no longer stumbling and struggling for what to say..."
     "The Little Black Book of Scripts has helped me feel more confident in my prospecting as I'm more prepared with what to say

I dont spend so much time trying to think of the right words to say and making it specific to each person. It is just one simple question that either opens the door to a conversation or it eliminates people who arent open or ready to make a change in their life yet. Its brilliant. 

This system has helped my confidence immensely. I use to be shy, nervous and scared to reach out to people. Now I have posture and confidence in knowing that I have a gift that can help others. I know the right words to use so I'm no longer stumbling and struggling for what to say.

My favorite script is this one... "Do you ever keep your options open in terms of making extra income outside of what you are currently doing?" SO simple!

This one tiny little script has helped me when I'm in the moment and want to say something to someone. In the past I would have been tongue tied and unsure of what to say. 

This makes it so simple for me and it gets me a Yes or a no right away. And honestly, it gets me more Yes's than before when I would stumble on my words. 

Todds trainings have changed my business and my life. My confidence has sky rocketed, my awareness or what I'm doing on a daily basis is my business has improved. 

My daily action has tripled. My belief in myself has increased and I'm eternally grateful for everything Todd has done and continues to do. 

Before I discovered Todd and his trainings, I had no confidence, no belief and was afraid to taking action. I did not want to reach out to people because of the fear of what I thought people would think of me. 

But what I found was that it doesnt matter what people think. Just be genuine, authentic and do the work. Take the action and your confidence and belief will grow because of it. 

I appreciate Todd so much and am so grateful for all his trainings.

- Susie Helland
"This script book has made prospecting easier..."
     "This script book has made prospecting easier. It has given me the confidence in prospecting in a variety of different ways... and eliminated excuses for not knowing what to say. I'm now in the process of obtaining more time and money.

My favorite script is the one for recruiting professionals. This system has given me the confidence to speak to my target market of business owners.

Todd Falcone has given me the knowledge, mindset, skillset, and inspiration to stay in the network marketing game until I win."

- Troy Moten
"Since using the Little Black Book of Scripts, prospecting is a lot easier for me now..."
     "Since using the Little Black Book of Scripts, prospecting is a lot easier for me now. I just got this system and it's helping me close sales and recruit people to my business. Now I know it's possible for an introvert like me to make it in this business.

My confidence in sales and speaking with people has grown exponentially. My favorite script is the cold market scripts.

Using These scripts have helped me to continue the conversation. When the prospect conveys that "there is nothing more to talk about". Prospect says, "I'm not interested". I say, "If I could show you a business that you could earn residual income from home, you'd want to know about it, wouldn't you?

This system has helped me earn extra income to supplement my income. This makes my life a lot easier! In 2018 I plan to take my business to a whole new level! Thanks Todd, for publishing the Little Black Book of Scripts."

- Ellen Eustace
I'm very proud of all my customers. Stories like the ones above come in all the time. 

If you're not where you want to be with your network marketing business then you MUST grab this today!

I say this because... 

...well, because when people start using this training, they start getting more customers... and signing up more reps.

So the question now is... are you ready to move towards your dreams in Network Marketing? 

Take the first step towards conversation excellence. Click the button below to grab your copy and start changing the game in your network marketing career.
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Little Black Book of Scripts 2.0
The Definitive Guide to Conversations and Scripts
The Little Black Book of Scripts
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"YES Todd, I'm ready to start recruiting more quality reps & customers into my business, and SPEED UP my prospecting efforts!"

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    You are fully protected by our 30-Day, Unconditional 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If for ANY REASON, you don't think this product was worth the money you paid, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.
    - Todd Falcone
    I look forward to sharing these insider strategies that I've acquired over the last 35 years in this profession with you.
    What Top Earners are Saying...
    "He is a machine..."
    "Todd Falcone was instrumental in teaching me how to prospect. He is a machine…and can teach anyone how to get better results while prospecting."
    - MIKE DILLARD | Top Earner
    "His strategies are relevant..."
    "Todd’s expertise lies in the fact that he has experienced network marketing from the distributor side – and he’s a great teacher. His strategies are relevant."
    - MARGIE ALIPRANDI | Top Earner
    "He is a prospecting pro..."
    "Todd Falcone is one of the best network marketers I know. He is a prospecting pro and knows EXACTLY what it takes to massively succeed in network marketing."
    - JORDAN ADLER | Top Earner
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